What’s Your Angle?

Knowing your niche is essential to the branding process.

In order to market your company, services, or product effectively, you must know where you fit into the world of blogging, marketing, and communications. Pinning down your angle can be a lot more challenging than it seems!

For some freelancers, writers, and content creators, this step in the branding process comes naturally. Some already have a focus in specific markets; I’ve heard from freelancers who write for medical blogs, dog walking websites, nonprofits, small business blogs, and even state tourism groups. Markets with specific and clearly defined topics and audiences are the goal.

But if you don’t have any specific writing or client preferences, how can you determine what your content creation specialty is? And what is the benefit of narrowing down your angle?

In some circumstances, casting a wide net in terms of potential clients can be a useful tactic. Oftentimes, first-time freelancers in search of experience will take whatever projects they can for the sole purpose of adding to their portfolio. A wide client net can also be beneficial for writers with the time to devote to researching and learning more about a client or project of which they have little previous knowledge.

However, while a wide net might be useful for some, it can be time-consuming and frustrating. You might be lucky enough to land an assignment but not know enough about the topic, but more often, you will find yourself in a client drought. By marketing yourself as a writer, blogger, content creator, etc. without any specific niche or angle, potential clients have no way of understanding what skills you bring to their project. This is where honing in on your angle is advantageous.

Your angle or niche can be simple; for example, I specialize in digital and social media content creation for small businesses and nonprofits on a tight budget. You should be confident that your angle provides a service to an audience that is actively seeking what you are offering. Do some research to determine who is already offering the services you are attempting to market, how they are reaching clients, and how you can provide something new and fresh to that specific market.

If you think you don’t have an angle, don’t panic! We all know something, right? When considering your options, brainstorm a few topics you’re passionate about. Do you love to cook? Are you obsessed with podcasts? Wish there was more information available online regarding how to successfully get a freelance business up and running? Odds are, if you’re interested in a topic, there’s a company seeking someone to write about it for them.

We’ve all got an angle, and there’s a niche out there just waiting for you to join it. Good luck!


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