Expand Your Reach

It’s time for a new series!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some of the strategies I’ve picked up and tested out when marketing on the social media trifecta: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each platform has its own characteristics, audiences, and quirks, and I’ve often felt that there’s a slew of conflicting advice and confusing recommendations that don’t necessarily help my digital communications.

In this series, I’ll be discussing:

  • Tried and true tips
  • Lessons I’ve learned from failed social media experiments, and
  • Strategic recommendations that I rely on in my own work.

I would love for this series to expand, so if you have any other questions you would like addressed or any other social media platforms you’re interested in learning more about, let me know!

I’m so pumped for this series, so get ready to expand your digital reach!


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