Expand Your Reach: Facebook

Alright, y’all! Grab your scuba gear, because we’re diving in. Let’s talk about expanding your reach on the social media monster itself, Facebook!

When it comes to marketing, Facebook is both friend and foe. With the platform’s audience engagement insights and targeting capabilities, and over 2.01 billion monthly users, you have the ability to create a potential reach that is nearly impossible on other sites. However, Facebook presents its own unique challenges. With such a massive user base, building a following and maintaining control can be difficult.

So, how can you maximize your time, resources, and audience on Facebook? Let’s talk through it:
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment.

    A lot of marketing sites and blogs will tell you that there are key times and days of the week that you should schedule your content, but the reality is that these statistics vary extensively. An after-school program’s audience is not the same as a makeup vlogger’s audience. If you’re trying to make the largest impact on your specific public, you need to try different times, different days of the week, even different types of content until you can survey what attempts have been most successful. Don’t take a “platform-standard” as law; take chances with your content, try times and days that might be considered unpopular posting times, and then determine what is best for your audience.

  • Be a square (seriously).

    Nothing has become more important on Facebook over the last two years than square content. Square photos, graphics, and most importantly, videos, have taken over Facebook’s interface, and for good reason. If we’re being honest (both about people we know and ourselves), we can all admit that we’ve scrolled through Facebook at work. As marketers, we have adapted our content to make midday scroll-breaks easier and less involved for Facebook users. By creating square content, your posts are visible in the Facebook newsfeed without requiring users to click or tap to view the post in its entirety. Square videos that include captions or subtitles are also essential, as studies have found that most Facebook users watching videos at work are watching them using the newsfeed auto-play feature, which means muted. Consider using a service like Animoto, a software that creates videos perfectly tailored for social media, to boost your Facebook video quality.

  • #UseLessHashtags

    Facebook is not Twitter or Instagram. While hashtags do increase your audience engagement on Facebook, audiences are not actively searching for content under hashtags, as is the case on both Twitter and Instagram’s “Search” and “Explore” functions, respectively. In my experience, three hashtags per post has proven to be a tactic that pushes my content into broader audiences without becoming so niche-specific that the content is no longer showing up in searches or on newsfeeds.


These three lessons have been priceless in my Facebook marketing work. Try them out, and don’t be scared to fail! Facebook marketing is a game of strategy, so be open to trying out new techniques and ideas until you find a plan that works for you and your business, product, or client’s needs. Good luck, and let me know what works for you!

Next week– Expand Your Reach: Twitter. Stay tuned!

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