Expand Your Reach: Twitter

It’s time to talk Twitter! Let’s get tweetin’.

Frankly, Twitter is my least favorite marketing platform. Don’t get me wrong, I love it for my own personal entertainment and meme needs, but for marketing, especially for someone on a tight (or no) budget, it’s relatively limited. Nevertheless, let’s persist and talk about some of the ways that you can get seen, and remembered, on the best platform for the “short and sweet” mentality:

  • Tweet, tweet, tweet

    Tweet. Often. The best chance you have of being noticed on Twitter is through consistent and frequent tweets. The more you tweet, the more opportunities you have to get retweeted, mentioned, or liked by an account that could boost your audience engagement and followers.

  • Follow and retweet, follow and retweet, follow and…

    Harkening back to advice I’ve given before, follow influencers, companies, organizations, and other marketers in your field. Retweet their content often. Not only will this improve your chances of being noticed by them, but it also increases your chances of being noticed by their audiences and followers. Retweeting influential accounts in your field also helps you accomplish #1, as it means you’re pushing out even more consistent and frequent content to your own followers.

  • #TakeAdvantageofHashtags

    Hashtags were literally made for Twitter. This platform is where hashtags thrive, and you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t take advantage of that beautiful little pound sign in your tweets. Hashtags do a lot of the audience growth work for you– when you use relevant and popular hashtags, a staggering number of Twitter’s 328 million users are exposed to your content automatically. That right there is some easy marketing.

  • Have some fun with it

    Twitter is much less polished than Facebook and much less styled than Instagram. Don’t shy away from integrating gifs, emojis, and trending hashtags into your content. The more authentically relatable you are, the more you’ll resonate with your audience. Taco Bell is an incredible example of this.

  • Don’t try too hard

    The best way to drive your audience away on Twitter is to come across as a try-hard. Avoid overkill; too many hashtags, too many gifs or failed meme attempts, and your account will be losing followers left and right. Use moderation, and produce content that you would like to see.

Twitter is a lot of fun, so get out there and tweet away! While there is certainly a learning curve to managing a marketing Twitter account, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be growing your audience in no time. Try out these five tips and tell me how it goes!

Next week– Expand Your Reach: Instagram. See you then!

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