Improve Your Space, Improve Your Life

Our house has undergone some major renovations over the last two months. What began as a house swallowed in carpet (even in the bathrooms, if you can believe it), has now been transformed into a hardwood dream.

Well, a dream for everyone but our dog. He’s having a hard (and clumsy) time finding traction.

Something about having a renewed space has really made me feel inspired to tackle projects that I’ve been avoiding. From decluttering to making substantial strides in a couple DIY projects I’ve been successfully ignoring, I’ve really made some progress. Now, I can’t say that hardwood floors are the cure for procrastination, but there’s just something about home improvements that motivates me.

And since I’m sure I have hoards of people dying to see, here are some before and after pictures:

Moral of the story– upgrade your space. Even if it’s just by adding a plant or a framed photo, a room improvement can be significant to improving your attitude and motivation!


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