Freebie: New Year, Renewed Passion

Happy New Year, friends!

Generally speaking, I suffer from a detrimental lack of willpower, meaning that I don’t usually set “resolutions,” as I’m fully aware that they will not make it to week two of January, let alone to December 31st (has anyone ever actually achieved that?).

However, I’m heading into 2018 with a determination that I’ve previously lacked. I’m ready to clean up, in every sense. I’m moving soon, which means that I’ve started going through my belongings and making tough, albeit necessary, decisions about what I actually need, what really brings me joy, and what is just weighing me down. I’ve transferred that process of elimination into less physical spaces of my life, and I’m starting off this year by cleaning up my mind and body. I’ve begun unfollowing/unfriending those that make me feel inferior, deleting apps and programs that are complete time sucks and that don’t make me better, and recommitting to the Whole 30 diet with an added intermittent fasting plan.

I truly despise setting fitness goals around the New Year; I can’t think of a more obvious cliche. I’m only committing to improving my physical health on January 1st because there was absolutely no point in trying to begin in December. Maybe someone out there has that strength, but I am not that person.

Unlike in previous attempts, the fitness goals I’ve set for myself are not for cosmetic purposes. If I end up looking better, great. The main focus here is to feel better. I spent much of the last year in pain, visiting doctor after doctor and still not having answers to what’s going on inside of me. Consequently, my weight, and my health, have spiraled out of control. If I’m starting out in 2018 by cleansing my possessions and my mind, why am I not doing the same for my physical self? I love to talk about (and participate in) self-care, and sometimes, that means doing the hard things, the unpleasant and unglamorous things, like paying attention to my body’s needs.

So, if you find yourself in a similar position, entering this new year with ideas, concerns, plans, or goals in the back of your mind that you’ve been ignoring, I hope you can find a renewed sense of passion to use towards addressing them. Use this wallpaper to remind you that you’re working towards something that really matters.

Desktop wallpaper
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