Losing Followers, Keeping Your Sanity

Followers: the reason we’re all on social media. Without followers, you’re posting your cute cat pics, sharing Buzzfeed Tasty recipe videos, and making comments on how crazy the weather is to the great void, right? So obviously, if you’re online, you’re aware, possibly hyperaware, of your follower count.

It’s okay to admit it; we all are.

If you use social media as a marketing tool for your business or brand, losing followers might make you want to pull out your hair. Or curl up in a ball and cry. Or both. But how detrimental is it really to have a fluctuating follower count?

When losing followers is NBD:

  • Is your audience still engaging with your content? Are you still getting a fair amount of likes, comments, shares, etc.?
  • Are you losing a follower here and there, but not in large quantities?
  • Are you still receiving the same amount of interested new clients?
  • Are your content strategy and branding still consistent?

Then relax a little, friend!

Wavering follower counts that are a result of the above factors are nothing to freak out about. Unfortunately, there are social media accounts out there that just love to abuse the old follow for follow and unfollow trick. It goes like this:

  • You post an awesome piece of content.
  • An account with similar interests, followers, content, etc. sees said awesome content and follows you.
  • You, being the warm and eager account that you are, follow this new friend back.
  • This new friend shows their true colors, that of a liar and conman, and unfollows you.

This trivial process results in you generously increasing their follower count for no purpose but that, instead of creating a new social media connection or growing your community. It’s annoying, it’s unfair, and it’s frankly pretty stupid. But, there will always be those that persist in the practice, so if you’re sporadically losing a follower, don’t panic. It’s most likely just a pesky follow for follow fiend.

However, causes for concern in your follower count do exist. If your numbers plummet, consider the following:

  • Has your tone, branding, or content changed?
  • Has someone new taken over your social media posting?
  • Have you stopped posting on a consistent basis?
  • Are YOU guilty of participating in follow/unfollow games?

If you answered any of these questions with a nervous and timid “yes,” that’s okay! Getting your follower count back on track is as easy as sitting down and determining where your shift in tone, branding, consistency, etc. began. That shift oftentimes correlates with a drop in likes, so go back and check out what content has been popular and what has been met with audience apathy and go from there.

And if you’re engaging in follow/unfollow… STOP THAT! It’s not worth the hassle, it’s unfair to those you’re deceiving, and it doesn’t come close to following the golden rule of treating others how you want to be treated. Social media, especially when used by small businesses, brands, and freelancers, should be treated as an engaging community full of support and encouragement! Don’t ruin that by stepping on others to build yourself up.

All in all, a few less followers isn’t anything to sweat. As long as you’re satisfied with what you’re putting out there, it’s all good!


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