Instagram Round-up!

I’m very excited to share my first round-up!

I got this idea from the brilliant Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY – Kelly regularly shares links to different products, stores, and more on her blog, and it seems like so much fun! But instead of rounding up links, today I thought I’d round up my favorite Instagram accounts.

My Favorite Instagram Accounts

5. Oak & Melanin – social media, branding, & design. I find myself staring at this feed all. day. long. Their content planning is always consistent, and their photos are beautiful and delicate. Oak & Melanin is a brand I admire and from which I draw inspiration for my images. Also, their brand colors make me swoon. So, so beautiful.

4. Julie Ann Art – hand-written illustrated and lettered greeting cards and products. I have loved Julie Ann Art since I ran across Julie’s blog while looking up a craft project in 2011. Julie’s honesty, wit, and sincerity immediately drew me to her brand, and I have enjoyed following her story and her company ever since. Julie’s Instagram feed features lots of light and airy photos of her designs, with a healthy dose of her adorable pup Penny thrown in for good measure. She’s also got the best dry, sharp humor, which is always a plus for me.

3. the blushing scriptlettering, fiber art, and laser cut maker. I love, love, love Lindsey’s Instagram. I’ve been following the blushing script for over a year now, and I look forward to her posts every day. Lindsey is a master of not only posting quality images of her products on a frequent and consistent basis, but she’s also incredibly skilled at regularly updating her Insta story. Between making all of the beautiful things, to taking and posting beautiful photographs of her product, and managing a ballin’ Etsy shop, I really don’t know how she finds the time to share her life with us, but she does, and she does it really well.

2. Jeff Mindellphotographer and social media influencer (a term he hates). I can’t properly describe how much I love Jeff Mindell. Not only is he one of the most talented photographers around, but his Instagram account is pretty close to perfection. Jeff not only posts a perfect mix of beautiful interior shots, urban exterior shots, and, most importantly, Baby Arlo shots, but he also finds a way to be helpful, relatable, incredibly kind, and hella funny. Jeff’s feed is drop-dead gorgeous, and he often offers Insta story before-and-afters of his shots, with tips and steps for creating beautiful images. He goes above and beyond to share his life, business, and love for Dunkin’ with us, and I’m a better digital media consultant for it. Also, if you’re close to me, I’ve definitely shared Jeff’s photos of Baby A with you. A stranger’s baby. That’s how much Jeff Mindell’s Instagram means to me.

1. Studio DIY – creative lifestyle company with a mission to make life a party. Well, I guess I gave it away at the very beginning, but Kelly Mindell, the creator and visionary behind Studio DIY is my absolute favorite Instagram to follow (although trying to choose between Kelly and her husband Jeff for the number 1 spot felt like what I imagine choosing a favorite child feels like). Kelly is an incredible businesswoman; she started Studio Diy as a college student and has committed her career to creating a positive, inclusive, inspiring, and just plain fun brand. Kelly’s feed features the most colors you’ve ever seen, with the perfect pops of DIY projects, interior design inspo, and, of course, Baby Arlo pics! Kelly (and Jeff) have worked so hard to create their family, and they provide their followers with the most wonderful and joyful peaks at their happy little family of three. Kelly’s vulnerability in sharing her and Jeff’s journey to Arlo is such an inspirational story of keeping after what you want and not closing yourself off to getting whatever it is, even if it comes to you in a different way than you expected. I admire Kelly’s drive, strength, vision, and loving nature so much, and that’s what makes her my absolute favorite Instagrammer to follow.

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this round-up, and go give these Instagrams a follow; you’ll be glad you did!


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