Instagram Round-up!

Today I'm rounding up my favorite Instagram accounts!

Losing Followers, Keeping Your Sanity

All in all, a few less followers isn't anything to sweat. As long as you're satisfied with what you're putting out there, it's all good!

Freebie: New Year, Renewed Passion

Use this wallpaper to remind you that you're working towards something that really matters.

Practice Won’t Always Make Perfect

Earlier this year, I discovered an interest in woodworking. Well, not proper woodworking, with a lathe in a woodshop, but the very basics of transforming wood into something new. I tracked down a few pallets and went through the process of disassembling them, sanding them, staining them, and putting them back together as something brand …

Improve Your Space, Improve Your Life

Even if it's just by adding a plant or a framed photo, a room improvement can be significant to improving your attitude and motivation!

12 Facts About Me

This week, I'm having a little fun and sharing 12 facts about me!

20 Social Media Content Ideas

Ever find yourself in a social media rut, posting the same few types of content over and over? Here are TWENTY ideas you can try out!

Freebie: Today Will Be What You Make It

To serve as a little reminder that today will only be as successful as I set it up to be, this freebie tells it like it is: "Today will be what you make it."

Five Benefits of Blogging

To reflect on my first blogiversary, today I'm breaking down the five biggest benefits of blogging.

Lessons from Three Months on the Job

Here are a few of the gems I've gathered from my first three months on the job.